An enigma from the London postcard pop scene in the mid-1980s Jane Smith was known for their exclusive brand of indie pop, robbed of chart success when the band had their debut single Use Imagination ruling the BBC  airwaves they fell victim to the clampdown on multi-buying of singles from the old chart return shops when dedicated fans were stopped from doing their thing.

Jane Smith had a large and loyal London following selling out shows regularly at Iconic venues such as The Wag Club, Rock Garden, Hippodrome, The Fridge and Empire ballroom, but the journey was cut short after the chart experience and the band and label went their separate ways in 1987.


The mainstays of the band our very own festival director Nicky Barclay and Wilfie have decided to put the infectious  Jane Smith sound back together to join the party and intend to light up up the sky with the new lineup.