The Priory Live team are proud of our ambition to discover new talent, in the tradition of honest emotional singer-songwriters we present the unique voice that is Oliver Anderson.

Oliver Anderson is a 21-year-old musician from London. Oliver has developed his music through years of performing on the street, which is emphasised by his rustic and soulful tone. His acoustic/pop style is reminiscent of artists such as Damian Rice and Paolo Nutini, both of whom Oliver has named as influential, along with Hozier, Damian Marley and even Miley Cyrus.


After some battles with uncertainty and self-doubt, Oliver spent the last year struggling with homelessness, living in his car for four months, in a tent for a week and sleeping on the street for what he describes as "the moment that changed everything".


Having decided that it was time to stop living like that, he has returned to the path of music with a hunger to perform we are delighted to give him a platform to showcase his true talents

Oliver Anderson 1.jpg