You like SKA? well so do we, we are delighted that P45 are joining us on the man stage

P45 are a 21st-century modern ska-influenced band that has been dubbed the creators of a new genre called “cockney opera”. It was the late legendary Chas Hodges of Chas & Dave who gave P45 that title while supporting them at the O2 in London.


P45 could be found supporting Chas & Dave at various venues. P45 are an original material band that also covers some of the greatest hits from the ska 2tone soul genre. The band's debut album “stories to be told” saw some success with two chosen tracks being played on national radio (XFM and the BBC) as well as many community internet local and hospital radio stations.


P45 have supported artists such as Simply Red Madness Bad Manners Steve Craddock Bruce Foxton and many more. The band have also shared the stage and lined up alongside established acts such as The Dualers the Beat the Selector and The Specials. Not only have P45 played venues such as Grays Civic Hall the Circus Tavern Santa Pod Raceway and Islington Assembly Hall they played to a sell-out audience which saw crowds of up to 2000 and up.


Throughout 2022 P45 plan to release three singles and a second album which is due to be released in December. P45 was founded around the years of 2011 – 2012. During this time the band would gain a lot of attention from the industry and build up a loyal cult following. The band would be signed to an independent record label put together by a consortium of Essex businessmen. Around 2016 P45 members would eventually agree that a cooling-off break was needed, and we would get back to work after six months, those six months turned into five years. The band was reformed by the two core original members Rob Sigston, bass guitar player and songwriter, Jack Kendall lead vocals. The reforming also lured back the amazing well-known well-respected trumpet player UB40’s (to name one!) Colin Graham. 2022 P45 will be touring all over the UK promoting the band's brand and upcoming releases. P45 are back bigger and better than ever and are working hard on reaching as many people as possible.

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"P45 are an excellent live group, very talented individuals with very catchy compositions. Simple symphonies but executed exceptionally. All it will take is for the right person to hear these tunes."

Graham "Suggs" McPhearson Madness



"I had the pleasure of being supported by P45 at a venue based In  Fulham, West London. It wasn't until I heard the band play a cover of "The Real Me" (Who) that I really sat up and took noticed. Everything sounded phenomenal. The bass playing was pitch perfect.


Steve Craddock  - Ocean Colour Scene