If ever young punk artists were looking for inspiration to stick true to their path then Spizzenergi would be that band, Priory live is delighted to have Spizzenergi on board a legenday  English punk and new wave band led by vocalist/guitarist Spizz (real name Kenneth Spiers). Formed in the late 1970s, who have gone under many variations of  the name including Athletico Spizz 80, Spizzoil and The Spizzles.

They are notable as the first band to top the newly created UK Indie Chart early in 1980 with the single "Where's Captain Kirk?" More than two decades after its release, it was included in Mojo magazine's list of the best punk rock singles of all time

The band has rich history of live gigs  supporting Siouxsie and the Banshees, among others, and later touring  as a headline act in many European countries.


BBC Radio 1 disc jockey John Peel described "Where's Captain Kirk?" as... "the best Star Trek associated song". Spizz created the artwork for the single cover using felt pens.

They became the only band to sell out the Marquee Club for five consecutive nights (with a sixth alcohol-free, matinee show


When Lu Edmonds j(DAMNED / PIL) joined the lineup in 1981, the band changed its name to The Spizzles. The group released a record called Spikey Dream Flowers, which cemented the group's sonic image as science-fiction weirdos. Two final 1982 singles, this time as Spizzenergi 2, "Megacity 3" and "Jungle Fever", were the swan song of Spizz in the 1980s. By 1982, the second wave of punk in the UK was over, and post-punk bands were taking over the indie music scene.

From 2007, the band Spizzenergi performed at mini festivals in MilanBologna and Leuven. In May 2009, they supported the New York Dolls at the 100 Club, In 2012, Spizz and existing member Jeff Walker (drums) were joined by Luca Comencini (guitar), Ben Lawson (bass) and Phil Ross (guitar). Spizzenergi performed at  the Joe StrummerStrummerville commemorative benefit festival at the 100 Club in London and a Fire Brigades Union benefit show along with Sex Pistols original bassist Glen Matlock and former guitarist of the Clash Mick Jones.

In 2013, Spizzenergi headlined shows in Leeds, London, Glasgow, Livingstone, Bristol, two consecutive and very successful shows at Berlin's Cortina Bob and guest slots with the Rezillos and Cockney Rejects.

In September 2014, Spizzenergi released a single on 7" blood red vinyl through Plane Groovy Records entitled "City of Eyes", with a live studio version of Soldier Soldier on the B side. The single was a cutting criticism of surveillance society, state intrusion and phone hacking. After playing it on his BBC show, DJ Gary Crowley stated that Spizz's "pen had never been sharper." the band headlined the 100 Club's 40th-anniversary punk festival.


To celebrate 40 years of the release of Where’s Captain Kirk?” and the inaugural issue of the Independent Singles Chart, the single was reissued on a special edition 7 inch Vulcan Green Vinyl as a covermount on Electronic Sound Magazine (January 2020 edition) and the song again received much radio airplay.


Prior to Covoid-19 the band was again playing live and successful shows at London’s the Garage and at Liverpool Jimmy’s. A whole calendar of bookings were to follow across UK and EU until Covid-19 played its hand.

2020 and beyond –


Signed to the management company’s own and newly formed label Holy Dotage Records, Christmas 2020 saw the release of “Christmas in Denmark’, Spizz’s very own paen to the great tin-pan alley and a song about the potential threat to London and the wider UK’s cultural and musical heritage.


Recorded remotely during the Covid-19 lock downs by the band’s bass player Ben Lawson and mixed in NYC by the legendary Bowie Co-hort Tony Visconti the song has been a tremendous success for the band.


To commemorate the 5th anniversary of David Bowie’s untimely death, SPIZZENERGI released a cover version of Valentine’s Day – also mixed by Tony Visconti, the producer of Bowie’s original. A live album and an album of new original material, again to be mixed and co-produced by Tony Visconti will follow on across 2021.