our commitment to carbon zero and sustainability

We cant promise to make the air of Orpington clean but we are determined to do our best and join those who are leading the way in providing a greener and more sustainable festival experience.

Each year we will measure the festivals carbon footprint and publish the results for you to see what difference we are making.

We subscribe to the theory that if we all make small changes that will create one big change.

  • There will be a 70% reduction this year in diesel emissions at the festival.

  • We will be working with Kent and London based suppliers to reduce the amount of travel to the event by over 35%.

  • We will run  our catering stalls from one Stage 5 silent  low emission generator (reducing run time and fuel usage)

  • We will encourage where possible recyclable materials to be used on site.

  • We will be using carbon neutral calculators each year to monitor our success rates.

  • Recycling bins will be posted around the site