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Priory Live Festival in association with our sponsors Andy Sinfield  and his company Farnborough Fencing and Jason Murrell and Jade Window Cleaning and support services  are proud to say that we will be the official launch platform for the South Easts first ever Lung Cancers Support group, set up, led by and run by patients and others affected by the disease.

With the support and backing of The Kings Hospital Trust at the Princess Royal Farnborough. The group has already held successful group meetings and helped shape pathways for patients. If you would like to know more or you know a family that have been affected by this terrible illness Everybreath will be able to show you that with new treatments and changing pathways there is real hope and many of the members. As a group they will be holding monthly meetings that are open to any body who might want to find out out more about treatments, socials, finance support and so much more

Please stop by the stand and say hello on the day. To find out more about this amazing group of people please visit the website www.everybreath.org.uk

after all we are all connected :-)



Mental health has been in the news for a long time, and even more so since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the most demanding and difficult, yet rewarding and important, professions is that of the musician. Musicians have been particularly hard hit by both the closure of live music for so long, and the impact on income caused by Brexit impairing their ability to tour in Europe. Bromley resident, respected mindset coach, and broadcaster Zeenat Noorani aims to bring attention to the lot of musicians at the Priory Live music festival on 7th August, setting out to interview numerous musicians on the day, that is headlined by Toploader.


"Music is known to be food for the soul, and to be one of the things that draws people together, and makes life worth living", says Zeenat, "It is often given to us by many gifted, troubled creatives such as Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, and Whitney Houston, who have suffered with issues such as depression, anxiety, and drug addiction and dietary problems. I want to play my part in helping to add this topic to the range of mental health challenges that are now being more and more shared, and as a result, addressed.  As an ex-professional performer in ice skating, I know the pressures of performance and backstage and touring and I feel a great empathy towards musicians. I am really looking forward to learning from - and helping - musicians at the festival." 

You can visit  Zeenats radio show Mindset matters every Friday on Chanel 2 radio