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At priory  we are famed for giving young bands and artists thier first festival breaks and we introduce you to Cloud Cover  an up-and-coming alternative rock band based in South London.  Their genre is a blend of art-rock, jazz and post punk sounds with a distinct blend of experimental guitars, saxophone and youthful lyrics.


Formed in 2023, they are a 6 piece who cite My Bloody Valentine, The Stone Roses, Radiohead and Black Country New Road as their influences.


Their songwriting is an open and collaborative process with each member of the band contributing their own ideas to create an art-rock fusion.


Performing regularly at various London venues in Croydon, Herne Hill and Balham, these hard-working boys have developed their energetic on-stage show and have already attracted a local following. 


With raw enthusiasm, attitude and youthful imagination they have created something remarkable with their experimental sounds.  Their first recording at the legendary Rockfield Studio in Wales is coming soon and they are very excited to be performing at Priory Live as their festival debut.

Cloud Cover feb 24.jpg
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