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We appreciate the need to relax in a busy modern world and invite festival goers to join us in the 17th century rose gardens with a gathering of some of  the most talented alternative relaxation artists, with programed sessions including Yoga, Rieki, Sound bath,Crystals and more , working with our friends for V22 in  the old Priory  building .


Step onto the mat and let the journey begin!

Tula Studio is a sanctuary of love and light, in a Grade II listed building in Orpington, Kent, surrounded by tranquil gardens.


At Tula Studio, we offer a diverse range of yoga-inspired classes, from the dynamic flow of Ashtanga to invigorating weights sessions. Experience the perfect blend of tradition and modern fitness in a serene and inspiring setting.


Come and experience Tula at the festival and begin your journey towards self-discovery and holistic wellness.

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Join Fay for a deeply immersive sound bath relaxation experience, where you can experience first hand the wonders and magic that relaxing to music and sound can bring. 


Fay has a range of instruments she plays and uses within her events, and you will be able to have the amazing opportunity to experience this for yourself first hand when she plays live at the festival. 


Everyone can benefit from this no matter what age, and Fay sets about creating a caring holding space for all people to benefit from and enjoy. She has a vast range of experience with working with a whole range of people and uses this experience to enhance all her events and all what she does.


So come and join her and relax while soaking in the sound and all the magic this experience can bring.

  • Dissolve stress, boost mental clarity, and find peace in our mindful sanctuary.

  • Embrace vitality with our expertly designed yoga and movement sessions. From gentle flows to dynamic sequences, we cater to all levels for strength, flexibility, and well-being.

  • Holding space healing is founded by Reiki master Pete

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